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Less QQ, More CC: The DOs and DON’Ts of Pugging

As I sit in Orgrimmar waiting for my LFG random heroic queue to pop, I toil over the decision of whether or not I should go re-spec back into my tanking set so that I do not have to wait a day and a half to get into a random heroic. After running all of my dailies and making countless laps around Orgrimmar on my sweet Goblin trike, my queue finally goes. I laugh at the fact that there is a DPS who did not accept his role into the random, I can only imagine the nerd rage that goes on when they come back to their computer after their bio break only to find that they waited forever to simply miss the chance to wipe for hours in Grim Batol.

After finally zoning into the heroic, I stand there with 4 complete strangers, and not a word is spoken. Buffs are handed out, the healer drinks, and the tank moves up into range of the first mob standing in our way. After a couple of seconds standing around, the Warrior Tank charges in without warning. Our first fight starts out with the tank nearly getting gimped within seconds of entering combat. I cruise into battle and begin to take down the Tank’s target, the other 2 DPS in the group are not so nice. One of them, a Druid, stands there and applies the WOTLK method of heroics. He begins to cast Starfall over the entire group. The Mage in the group decides that he is going to lay into a different NPC and pulls aggro. When the massive NPC comes to rip the Mage’s face off, he blinks away FURTHER from the group and continues to lay into it. This brings the deadly NPC out of range of the Tank who is struggling for his life. Meanwhile the Druid has pulled a couple of NPCs of his own and decides to typhoon them away from him. This action brings another group into the mix, and within seconds we are all found at the graveyard making our way back to the dungeon. When we zone back in I am asked to “Vote Kick” the Tank – Reason: Bad. The vote kick fails. People begin to play the blame game and it is only a matter of minutes before the group is dissolved and I am left in Grim Batol by myself.

This has all happened to us at one point or another, and you would be a liar if you told me that you have never screwed up in a Heroic before. I know these topics of “Heroics are Hard” and “QQ my queue time takes forever” have been beat to death, much like the random group I was just a part of. It is our nature to complain and make excuses about hard things in the game, but few people have any solutions. You should all know how to CC now, and if you don’t, I do not know what game you have been playing. However, there are some other aspects of this game that have gone by the wayside that I feel people need in order to make all of our Random Heroic experiences much better. After all, you cannot do them by yourself, and no matter how large your guild is or how many friends you have, the time will come when you have to pug. Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of a successful pug.

DO NOT assume that your random group is as knowledgeable as you, or as you think you are. So many types of people play this game, and very few are on the same skill level. As a progression raider myself, I find it funny that I have less issues with my guild’s 25-man raids than I do with random heroics. If you are a “Raider,” it is natural for you to know what to expect when you zone into places, whether it be a Heroic or a Raid. The casual player, however, does not take the due diligence to prepare for things like this. I know that on the first boss of Blackrock Caverns I need to run like hell when I am free of the chains. If I don’t, I am going to lie there lifeless on the ground. This is not something that everyone is aware of. Is this fair? No, but if you don’t want to spend hours in a Heroic running back to your body, then I suggest that you ask the group as a whole a simple question before each boss fight. “Do you guys know the fight?” It is a simple question that can easily be the difference between a win or a loss. If they all know, then great – get to work. If not, give a brief explanation and then you are good to go. Most fights can be described as follows. “Ok so avoid all the colored things on the ground, run when he does “X”. DPS the adds when the tank has them under control and then burn the boss.” Some require more wordage, but if you spend more than 60 seconds describing a Heroic Dungeon boss then you are taking too long.

DO spend 60 seconds at the beginning to go through the “Heys” and “Hellos” in the group. It is a lot easier to have a group fail when the first words spoken in the Heroic is QQ after a wipe. If you establish this at

the beginning of a Heroic, it will go a lot smoother – I promise. This is fairly simple and easy to do. I am not telling you to learn about everyone’s life story, but simply starting off on the right foot is never a bad thing.

DO NOT waste your vote kicks. I know this sounds horrible, but sometimes there comes a point where you need to vote kick someone from the group. Blizzard has implemented a cap on vote kicks for a certain time frame that is fairly long. Using them on the Healer that screwed up on a trash pull can really come back to haunt you. People make mistakes all the time, including you. One mess-up on a fight does not warrant a vote kick. Think about the time you were in a Heroic and you kicked a Tank for getting killed on trash. He probably died to no fault of his own, but you want a Tank that can pull 3 mobs and live without heals (they don’t exist by the way). When you get to a boss you find that the healer you have cannot move out of the fire. After you release your nerd rage on the player, they decide to sit back and AFK, punishing you for your harsh words. Now without a vote kick, you have to wait for a hour to kick the healer as they sit at the entrance running in circles so that they do not actually go AFK, leaving you with no options.

DO mark CC and kill orders. Once again this has been beaten to death by our wonderful community, but I am starting to see it neglected more times than not. When Cata came out, people took their time and did everything properly to ensure that the run was successful. Now that people have better gear it is beginning to go away. I personally have done heroics without CC and using the WOTLK mentality, but this was a guild run that featured a group of 5 that have more epics than blues. Even then, it was still challenging. This does not mean that it works in pugs, because the majority of the players have not out-geared CC. After saying “Hello” to the group, I always whisper the tank and ask him if he is going to mark CC, or if he wants me to do it since I have a add-on that makes it really fast. Most of the time the tank is more then willing to hand over the responsibility and I am glad to take it. Telling the group their CC is SUPER easy and only needs to be done once. It goes something like this: “OK for the entire Heroic, Mage CC moon, Shammy CC Square, and Druid CC Circle (use w/e marks you want just keep it the same for the whole random). Kill order is Skull, X, Star, etc. We will pull with CC, and let the tank get some aggro before you guys start your pew pew.”  Doing this will do wonders and make your run go faster and smoother.

DO let the Healer drink. Fairly simple concept, but worth mentioning. No matter how good your healer is, there will be points throughout the run that you will have to stop and wait 20 seconds for the healer to mana up. Some can go longer than others, but they all will need to drink at one point or another. I know you want to keep cruising through, but pulling while the healer is drinking is asking to die.

DO NOT pull mobs you DPSers. Once again, I know you want to get out of here, but pulling a mob with an Ice Lance will just make things go longer. The only time a Tank is not the first one to touch a mob is when you are instructed to pull with your CC. Even after that, allow a few seconds before you lay into a mob. These seconds can be the difference between life and death. If you do end up pulling aggro, don’t run away from the tank, run to him. There is no logic in running away. It makes no sense to run away from the only person who can save your life. The best thing to do is STOP ATTACKING, and bring the mob into the tank’s hit box. All tanks have AOE moves built into their tanking rotation, and if he cannot taunt, it will not take long for that mob to forget about you and move back to the tank. If you can CC it, obviously this would be the first course of action, but most of the time the target will be full of DOTs that will break CC within seconds of applying it.

If you have made it this far into this article then you should be more than ready to run a successful pug. I know for some this information is old news, but if everyone knew these things then Heroics would not be such a pain. If you do these things, you will have a much better Heroic experience and get what you came for. Thanks for reading and Happy Puggin’.


This is my first of many articles to write, any and all feedback is welcomed. If you have further questions or would like to make a suggestion please feel free to make a comment or send me an e-mail at DKTWSS@gmail.com.

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