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Novelty WOW…

This was a very exciting week for me and my fellow guild mates. We went into Bastion of Twilight and cleared it for the second time, this time however without a wipe. After that we made our way over to Black Wing Decent, and by the end of our progression week I was standing over Nefarian’s dead corpse, taking screen-shots of me lying down in front of his lifeless face. This week I raked in 6 pieces of Epic gear (2 pvp, 4 pve), but only because I was forced to by the 4000 point cap set for both PVP and PVE, (Go to hell Baradin Hold for not dropping anything that I needed before I was capped.) This week my 3’s arena team put up a good showing and boosted our team rating higher than I have ever been before (we did tank it a little towards the end but we can ignore that for now).

I feel like the general WOW community would agree with me that a week like that would be considered “Epic”. All of these epic events and milestones are things I have worked hard for, and wanted over a long period of time, however none of these things offered a higher amount of satisfaction than reaching level 100 in archeology a couple of hours after downing Nefarian. If any of you have done archeology you know how terrible it is to level from 90-100. It is like pulling teeth. I would have to visit about 8-10 dig sites to “ding” one level, and every time I saw that blue text that informed me that I am a better digger then before, I got a little more excited. If I wasn’t half asleep at 2 A.M. I would have done laps around my house (or a lap, lets not get carried away) out of excitement when I dinged 100. Joke is on me, I still have a long way to go.

This blog post is not about archeology alone, it is about the novelty things throughout the World… of Warcraft. There are countless things in this great game that the vast majority of players will never see. People will complain that the casual player will never get to see the great things in WOW, and that’s fine, but what people are forgetting is the other 90% of this game that still exists outside of the “Elitist section of the game”. I take pride in the fact that my main has about 2-3 bags worth of crap, that is worth nothing(but really cool), sitting in my bank. I love that I am 6 pets away from reaching the 75 pet CHEESE, and about 32 mounts away from 100.

Will it help me complete my Raid progression?…Absolutely not.

Will I be considered a greater player for having them?… Hell no.

Did I spend way way way too much time gathering a bunch of junk when I could have been doing something that really mattered?(like killing boars in the forest)…. Of Course.

Are they cool and fun to go back and look at every once in a while?… Yes I do it all the time.

Does everyone have these “cool” items?… Some items people can get very easily, some take a lot of time to get. I am sure there is someone with more “crap” than I, but I have yet to meet him/her.

What is the point?… There really isn’t, that is the beauty of it. Most items you get work towards some sort of achievement sure, but really it doesn’t make you better. It is rewarding, nostalgic at times, and a great conversation starter with people if you are not hammering away at Raid Strats. People put some much time and effort in their “progression” (PVP or PVE) they sometimes forget to relax a bit and enjoy this massive game on all its levels. It is things like this that make it fun and exciting.

Does your Raid Leader get pissed when you drop a Toy Train down before a boss pull?…The only person the train isn’t annoying to, is the person who put it down, so yes… but I still sneak it in every once in a while 🙂

My novelty or hobby  in this game is the collection of random stuff that I can pull out of my bank and show people, but this is by no means the only way to enjoy this game in a different light. After talking with some random people on my server and some of my friends, I have gathered a short list of things you can do in your free time. If you have not tried one of these things, I suggest you try one out. This is not a complete list, and I cannot promise that you will enjoy the “one thing” you pick. Enjoy

Archeology – This is by no means a fun thing to do, the reason it makes this list is because the rewards you get from this profession make it worth your time. I am not suggesting that you log on and spend hours after hours grinding out archeology, I am telling you to do it when you are doing other things. If you are waiting for a que, waiting for a raid to start, sitting on Standby DKP for your raid, have a half hour before you have to leave for work, and any other thing you can think of. Instead of sitting in Orgrimmar or Stormwind talking to your friends on vent, why not take off on your epic flying mount and get digging. This hobby requires little to no thought or concentration. (probably why it is so boring) You can get some cool items as it is now (pets, mounts, BOA gear, epic gear, high value vendor trash, ect), and don’t be surprised if Blizzard adds some neat things in the near future. One suggestion, do a quick read on a guide to leveling this profession, if you are smarter than me and take 5 minutes to research it you can save yourself a bunch of time in the long-run.

Start a Trike Train (Horde Only) – Remember the good old days in Dalaran when people would start those Mammoth Trains and circle Dala? Now you can do the Cata version by hopping on your Goblin Trike and start it up. To be honest the experience is very limited in excitement, but if you are really board just try it and see how it goes. *Couple notes about this.* For one, the more you have to do with the direction/creating of the train the better the experience. Second, to get people’s attention say things like “BEEP” or “MOVE IT” in /say and people will catch on quick. Lastly snag a Death Knight into your party and have him throw on path of Frost, drive into the lake (when you are bored with the train and want to end it) and watch 10-15 people slowly drive off a small cliff into water. It is a great laugh.

Become a photographer – Over the first two years of playing this game I had no more than 1-2 screen-shots saved to my computer. I had without a doubt seen some cool things that I wish I had some pics of, but all I had were mental pictures. When I began to run my old guild’s website, I needed some pictures to go with my lengthy posts so that it didn’t look like I was writing a text-book. That sparked my photo hobby and I am very grateful for it. Every once in a while I go into my WOW folder and browse through the tons of screen-shots I have lying around. Some are mistakes or bad pictures, so they hit the recycle bin. Others however stay in there so that I can go back and see what I am struggling to remember. Sometimes when flying around I think to myself, “This is an epic pic”, so I stop, Hit alt + z (hides your interface) and snap a photo. Now that I am writing this blog I am snapping pics more than ever. It is something that is really easy to do, and when you take a look back at them months from now you will be happy you did.

Real Men Wear Pink

Level That Alt – Everyone reading is probably thinking, “WOW so original, leveling an alt…dumb”, and yes you are correct. Everyone and their mother has leveled an alt to some degree, nothing new. I look at it differently however, and this is why I think it is worth mentioning. When you level and alt, try to choose an alt class that is nothing like your main. For me I started playing WOW with my Warlock, when wrath came out I wanted to see what the Death Knight was all about, and just like that I was hooked. I suggest leveling a completely different type of class for many reasons. For one, it will be a more exciting experience simply because it is different. Playing a mage and leveling a warlock alt is pretty similar, and before you know it that alt of yours is going to be sitting in Westfall for years to come. Second, you can benefit from seeing the game from another perspective. Before I had my DK, I had no clue what a Tank went through to clear a raid/dungeon. Before I had my Pally I had no clue what a healer went through to achieve the same goal. I firmly believe that playing a Ranged, Melee, Tank, and a healer on some end game competitive level has made me a better player. I now know the limitations and expectations for certain roles. I guarantee you cannot fully understand this until you experience it for yourself. Third, you may come across a play style you enjoy more or are better at. It is a great way to ensure that you have the class you truly enjoy. A lot of people quit this game early, simply because they chose the wrong class for their play-style and gave up too soon. Last but not least, you will gain two more professions to use at your disposal. Pretty simple concept. I have 6 Maxed out professions across my main and alts, and It is so convenient to make that thing you need, when you need it, without trolling in trade chat.

Visit the road no longer traveled – Since I am a Burning Crusade Baby, I never got to experience all of the raids and content in Vanilla WOW. Ya I saw some things while questing, but like most people I burned through Azeroth as fast as possible to get to end game content. Just recently I have been taking time out of my WOW day and visiting some of the old raids and dungeons, and it has been a really cool experience. I have taken my Lil’ Ragnaros pet to his larger version of himself in MC. I have cruised through the buggy mess of AQ. I have run through most of the old BC dungeons and 5 mans just to take a look. If you are 85 and have decent gear you should have no issue walking through these places 1-2 shooting mobs as you work your way to the final boss.(A Dk recently solo-ed Marrowgar so you should be more than fine.) Most of the places you will be able to walk through without aggro-ing anything, and when you kill bosses you will get a kick out of the gear that drops. For me getting to see this stuff that no one really sees anymore is a cool experience and worth checking out.

Pay a Guinea pig –  This has become my new favorite thing to do in my WOW free time, and it is extremely entertaining. First post in trade (or ask a Friend) LF SOMEONE TO COMPLETE A CHALLENGE FOR 100G PST. When you get a hit invite them to your group. You can come up with any challenge you want for your entertainment. I don’t find it offensive or mean, simply because they agree to it, they could get paid, and it is fun to do as well. Here is a quick example of a challenge. *I fly over to them with my two seat rocket and tell them to hop on. I take them to the highest mountain top I can find and drop them off. I instruct them to take off any gear they want, or any gear that can aide them in the decent down the mountain. If they can make it down, without dying, and without using anything other than gravity, they get paid. I will join them most of the time, or still pay them even if they fail.

Honorable Mentions- Other Things you can do in your spare time, however I feel a lot of people do them already. So adding another 30 minutes to this 2 hour read I felt was unnecessary. Achievement Hunting, Casual PVP, War Games, Explore, Read Lore-Then go see it in-game, Finish Quest-lines, Browse the web.

Thank You all for reading this week’s blog post. I know it is a long one, but hopefully you got something out of it. Thank you and have fun.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or simply want to add to this blog post, feel free to leave a comment on the section below. You can also e-mail me at DKTWSS@gami.com. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated. Also Check out the Guardian Tank Podcast, and all of Happy Nerd Media’s productions. Have a great Week.

  1. Keltris
    February 4, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Felt like posting to show at least some people are seeing how nerdy you are!!! 😀 ❤

    • June 7, 2011 at 3:52 am

      Thanks for the iinghst. It brings light into the dark!

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