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LF3M, BWD PST SPEC! “PLZ Be Raid Ready!!!”

About 2 months ago I found myself, like many others, looking to try out my first Cata raiding experience. As I have mentioned before my guild took a laid back approach to progression, (oxymoron I know) and didn’t start raiding until the beginning of January so that people had a chance to enjoy the game before we began our lovely progression grind. I saw this as a opportunity to get in some 10 man raids before I was called upon to perform in a 25 man setting. As you can imagine setting up “pug” raids was about as fun as wiping on Heroic Lich King for months. When trolling trade chat to fill in raid  holes I would spam it with this exact line, “LF3M BWD, PST SPEC! “PLZ BE RAID READY!!!”. I figured this was a simple concept for the masses to understand, I however quickly found out that the phrase “Raid Ready” was about as vague as one of my best friend’s sexual orientation. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

I would get a wide variety of whispers in response to my spam…

Tell : “What Gear Score do you need to be considered Raid Ready?”

Response : “I don’t know, I haven’t used GS since it it started destroying my connection in late Wrath, that add-on still exists???”

Tell #2 : “Bear Tank, 175k HP, inv.”

Response : “What? 175k? U stack stam or something???” (remember this is no more then 3 weeks after release so I can only assume he is not in full epics)

Tell #2 again : “Ya, only a noob would ask me if I am stacking stam, of course I am”

Response : “Well don’t worry I won’t waste your time with our collection of noobs then”

Tell #2 again : “Wow, people are so bad. Go play Starcraft baddie” (I don’t know what is more entertaining, the fact that this Bear will blame healers for the next few weeks when his HP bar reads “0/175k” because he absorbed all their mana, or that he assumes Starcraft is a easy game to play.)

Tell #3 : “Mage, inv. In mostly heroic gear, some epics from rep and BH”

Response : KK (I invited this dude to the raid, only to find out that he knows nothing about BWD. After he wipes us multiple times from failing at easy raid mechanics from the Omintron Defense fight, like stacking with the healers when he has the Lightning Conductor De-buff, or running into slime, the group dissolves.) “Really? Do you know the fight or did you just mess up, I even explained it to you twice?”

Tell #3 again : “I don’t know the fight, and when you explained it in vent I got a phone call. You should have made sure I understood though.”

In hindsight I can blame most of this on myself. My Father once told me that “Assumption is the mother of all ****-ups” (lets try and keep this PG if its not too late already). For me to assume that the term “Raid Ready” is common knowledge in a pug setting goes against my previous advice, but I let my guard down because I was dealing with Raids and not heroics. My guess is that now, 2 months later, more players have this term down “Raid Ready”, but I would be naive to assume that everyone has this knowledge. Here is a quick checklist you can use to make sure that you are “Raid Ready”, so that when you respond to my Troll Spam when I am gathering a group for my Alt to raid with, you know exactly what I, and the majority of the Progression community, are expecting of you.

REP Grind. – In the early stages of an expansion you can greatly benefit from the countless avenues that offer opportunities to get high quality gear. Some are easier then others to obtain but there is no reason that you should not be able to find a way to get 1-2 epic pieces of gear before even stepping into a raid. When the next major content patch drops with new raids and new tiers this will not be as favorable, but for now there are plenty of ways to get a leg up on the lazy players you will be competing against. Reputation with various factions is the easiest way to get gear. Each faction has epics for each type of class to benefit from. Some classes are favored more then others in this area, but it is still basically free gear. The gold cost is relatively low, and grinding rep is not difficult. Just remember to run your heroics while wearing your tabard, and make sure to check out the quartermasters before you do it. I would be a huge waste of time to grind out a week of rep for a faction that doesn’t give you anything you can use. Also make sure to run every quest you can in that area that grants you rep with that faction. For example you can grind out exalted status with Mount Hyjal in about 1 hour at max level by simply grinding quests, if you didn’t do so already while leveling up. Head and shoulder enchants also fall into this category, you are going to need them to be optimized, there will be no excuse for a good raider not to have them.

Dive into Heroics. – This seems simple enough, yet I still see people walk into raids without each slot having at-least a heroic piece of gear in it. There are so many heroics to run in one day, and so many pieces of gear double/triple up on one slot for a specific class. What is worth noting is when you wipe in heroics do not get discouraged, especially if you are just beginning them. For me I would be able to walk in and kill the first couple of bosses in a Heroic before we hit a wall. This is expected. If you are at the beginning of your quest to become Raid Ready do not spend hours on one boss, simply move on. It makes no sense to bang your head against the wall on a single boss, when you can que up again and again to other dungeons. Eventually you will be able to run through each heroic, but don’t get stuck and ruin your night on a single place. I was lucky in this space, I was granted the luxury I had in college back in the day. I got the weekend off from work, friends were home from college, and one thing lead to another. Before I knew it I was munching down some hot pockets and grinding till 5 A.M.(Laugh all you want but you all have done it, or at least most of you have)

Don’t Be Cheap – So many people run around with thousands of gold in their bags… and the majority of them do not spend it. I make decent Gold in wow from the AH, but I rarely hold on to it. Sure I don’t have 45k in gold to show off, instead I started off with 3 more epics then the guy who still has his 45k. I know the gear will become obsolete, and the gold will not, but you don’t get extra DPS from your gold sack being heavier then mine. SPEND YOUR GOLD, and buy some epics. (I bought the Hurricane Deck from someone for 22k, only to replace it 2 weeks later from getting lucky drops in BWD and BOT, but my other 2 I still use. It Happens and I am already over it with 7k Gold in my bag) I understand that everyone doesn’t have this luxury, but if you do then take advantage of it.

Gem/Enchant – DUH! OK you would think this is a easy concept, but a lot of people have the philosophy that a blue piece of gear don’t deserve the highest quality treatment because it will be replaced soon. I would argue the exact opposite. When your gear is below epic, you are going to need all the help you can get to get over the hump of downing that raid boss. With the exception of the enchants that require Maelstrom crystals, you should have every thing maxed out. Any raid leader worth following would not allow you to raid with anything less. Quickly do the math of having Gems that add 30+ “stat” compared to 40+ “stat” for EVERY SLOT. After that tell me if that number is not that important.

Food/Flask/Pot/Bandage – Goes along the line of do not be cheap. I am sure most guilds by now offer Feasts for food and cauldrons for flasks, but you would be bad if you didn’t carry some of your own in the event your guild doesn’t come through. Food adds 90 to a stat, and Flasks add 300. I know they are expensive, but that is simply the price you pay to be raiding. Don’t be cheap and come in with food that adds 60 to a stat, and a Wrath Flask (unless you want to be booted from a raid.) Blizzard was nice enough to make the tool-tips look different for new and old flasks, so don’t think you are fooling anyone when you roll in using your WOTLK flask. Potions are a touchy subject due to cost, but here is how I look at it. If I can use a Health Pot or Bandage to prevent my own death, then it is worth it. Especially if it could be the difference between a win and a loss. Obviously use them with some logic, if the boss is at 2% HP and your going to be the only one to die (assuming your DPS), then go ahead and save that pot and run back from the graveyard.

Do your Homework – When I was a raid leader there was nothing more annoying then people who didn’t know squat about a fight. You do not need to be an expert when you walk in for the first time, but you should know the basics. The Raid Leader will explain in further detail and tell you how exactly you guys are going to take down the boss. Everything he/she says and describes to you will make a ton of more sense if you have some background knowledge to fall back on. If you know you are going to BWD on Tuesday, then take 20 minutes to quickly read/watch all the encounters. Some of them take no more then 30 seconds to understand, and some take longer to grasp.  Either way there is no excuse for anyone to walk into a raid and not know what the hell is going on.

Research Your Toon- Make sure that before you zone into a raid you know as much as you can possibly know about your class and spec. This should go without saying but for some this is not so easy. Find different sources of information. The random guy on your server who put out more DPS then you may not be as smart as he seems. Find forums, blogs, raid logs from top guilds, pod-casts, ect. There is always something more you can learn about your class, and the more you know about it the better you will be. You can also find situational information about your class in a specific fight that you may have never even thought about. For example did you know Hunters can dis-engage back onto the platform of the Al’ Akir fight in phase one if they get knocked off? (I would try and explain but it would take about 2 days to put it into words. Just watch the video if you are interested and don’t know what I am talking about. Around 55 Seconds shows the hunter trick. Could save your life)

Once again I offered you a longer post then you were probably looking for, but I hope that it was helpful. Just make sure to do everything you can to become “Raid Ready” and you will be fine. In my experience the Cata Raids are easy once you understand the mechanics and settle in. Good Luck and Have fun.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or e-mail me at DKTWSS@gmail.com. Also take a listen to the Guardian Tank Podcast : Your information location for tanking in the World Of Warcraft. There you can find me, and many other great contributors offer weekly advice and commentary about the game we all love. I am still looking for contributors to this blog, I want this to be as packed as possible. E-mail me  if you are interested. Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed and come back next week.


  1. Zattarra
    February 8, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Great article with some great advice for up and coming raiders who may not know all of the ways to max their toon. I especially like the South Park reference. Keep up the good work, TWSS!

  2. OneHit
    February 9, 2011 at 6:23 am

    Another well put together post. It would be great to have commonly understood language for the “ability” (probably not the best term, but would include both gear and knowledge) of players as they progress through the game. You’d still have outliers who’d ignore such a standard but, hopefully we could all achieve a better pug experience.

  1. February 9, 2011 at 1:36 am

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