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Bring It!

Well it finally happened, after the long drawn out process of applying, interviewing and crying I am no longer on the job market I finally landed a great job. (Sorry blizzard you can remove me from consideration for all of your open positions.) I am so stoked you have no idea (and probably don’t care), but the good news for you is no longer will you see me open my blog posts with obsessive whining about being poor. I will finally join the ranks of the “normal” people in the world when it comes to occupation (not personality). I will be working a normal 9-5 job, and now I can rightfully complain about Chicago traffic to work and talk about the latest episode of “Dancing with the Stars” at the office water cooler like a grown-up. (Does this mean I have to actually watch it to talk about it?) Don’t worry though nothing is going to kill the nerdy child inside of me that loves WOW so much.

I finally have decided to talk a little about the upcoming patch 4.1 that is going to drop onto our computer screens in the next couple of weeks (at least I hope and assume it is not too far away). It is all the rage when it comes to other shows and sites, especially with the way information is being leaked out into the community. It seems that almost every day there is something new about this patch that we did not know before. I like the trickle method of releasing information as opposed to opening the flood gates. It is easy to keep track of everything and it keeps the WOW-ers with high blood pressure a little more at ease since they do not have to read about a boat load of changes all at once.

Arguably the biggest drop of all, Firelands, is not even going to come with patch 4.1. Like most level-headed individuals who took the time to listen to the reasoning behind it, I approve of the removal of Firelands in 4.1. Through blue posts and Ghostcrawler’s attempt at mimicking the OverRaided Blog, we have been presented with a new way to patch this game and it is great. If you somehow missed it Blizzard is going to try to move to a patch system of “More Patches at a faster pace”. This is of course different then the old style of”Nothing for 6 months, then a shit ton.” This is a great change and the holding back of Firelands is one of the results. The 3 biggest reasons behind this are simply this.

1. When something is bugged/op/broken, people no longer have to wait 6 months for a balance change to have it fixed. (“But TWSS my class is broken. This game is so imbalanced RIGHT NOW…)

2. Pacing content at the right amount keeps the MAJORITY of players involved and interested in what is happening right now. Blizzard doesn’t want BWD and BOT to be like Ulduar in Wrath. Most people did not get to see all of the Ulduar content simply because TOC came so quick. Why go raid Ulduar when TOC has much better loot (ZOMG LOOT)?

3. With more drops at a faster pace people won’t get board of content much like the last 3 months of ICC. (Don’t throw Ruby Sanctum at me. That place was as irrelevant as Playboy is for my old college roommate).

With so much new things headed our way it would take me about 2 days to write about it, and I don’t have that kind of dedication. So instead I am going to highlight the changes that are most important or intriguing to me. Remember nothing is final when it comes to this patch and what people are expecting. It is not odd for Blizzard to get everyone excited about something and then just rip it away from them. The only benefit that comes from getting too excited about POSSIBLE changes is the fuel generated for QQ on the forums if you’re into that kind of thing. If I read/hear one more question about Path of the Titans, Guild Housing, or a Dance Studio I think I’m going to enrage like Heroic Chimaeron all over the pace. (Probably not but that’s called “Creative writing” or at least an attempt at it.) WHERE IS MY DANCE STUDIO???

Like dying mid fight? Take a Brez we have a ton.

Why is this first above ZA and ZG? Because it affects my class directly and dammit I write this thing. This is one thing that I think a lot of people are overlooking and I am not too sure why. In patch 4.1 Druids are not going to be the only ones responsible for bringing the dead back to life mid-fight. Now you can have a Death Knight via “Raise Ally” and a Warlock via “Soul-stone” battle res someone in combat. I especially like this change because I will have one less worthless ability on my action bar since I will end up using it more often. This affects 10 man and 25 man raids differently.

10 – You no longer need a druid to me optimized when it comes to raid utility. Chances are every 10 man raid has at least one Druid/DK/Lock. You can make a solid argument that having a brez has become essential to a group’s success and only limiting that ability to one class didn’t seem fair any more.

25 – Just like 10 man raiding you no longer need to bring 3 druids to every raid. It would be safe to assume that every 25 man raid has t least 1-2 druids already but now with this change you are no longer screwed if the only person with a brez not on CD is the one to actually die. In this space the change is not as big as it is in 10 man raids, but if you are progressing on fights you will no longer have to wait 2 minutes to pull just so people have their Brez off CD. (Assuming your raid had some DKs and Locks as well.)

This is Troll-lessness!

Yes ZA and ZG are coming back. I personally have not done them on the PTR, but all of the reviews I have read and watched lead me to believe these are going to be fun heroics. However the intention is not for them to be a cake walk. Much like the 5 mans that came out before TOC and ICC, they are going to be more challenging and have a higher gear restriction then the previous heroics. With a higher difficulty come higher rewards. The gear that will drop in these places is going to help people be more “Raid Ready” since it is iLVL 353. On top of epics, running these dungeons are going to reward you with 140 Valor Points as opposed to the 70 you would get from running a lower tier heroics. One thing I see people overlooking is the effect this is going to have on the market for Maelstrom Crystals. When disenchanted people are going to get Crystals since the gear is “Epic”.  With a lot of guilds and groups of people already in epic quality gear higher than the loot in here, you are going to see a lot more crystals making their way onto the AH. My advice for you is if you have some, sell them now because in a couple of weeks the cost for getting your hands on one is going to plummet. One other thing worth mentioning here is that I can see this making the lives of alts/puggers a lot more challenging. By offering more Valor points for these, Blizzard has removed the higher geared toons from the pool of people who are currently running with lower geared players. No longer will you see over geared tanks carrying people through content because they need their daily. You could make the argument that this is a good change because it continues to force new players to learn good game mechanics that are currently being ignored because of out-gearing the instance, something everyone was begging for after Wrath. Granted you will still see some geared players in the lower heroics but you will see a shift back to “Heroics being too hard” when all of the gear is in ZA and ZG. Of course there is much more to say about these places but there is way too much to cover in this mention. Seriously go to the WOW site and read up on these places they look really sweet and I think they are going to be a lot of fun to run. (For a while)

Good Group, want to run again???

The biggest quality of life change coming with this patch is by far the ability to get all of your “Daily Heroics” done in one day. (So I guess they are now weekly heroics). Blizzard has made the change so that instead of having to log on every day to get your free Valor points for running a random heroic, you can complete 7 randoms for Valor points at any time during the week. So if you miss Valor points every weekend because you can’t play, don’t worry you can run 3 on Friday to make up for it. Personally I will probably run all 7 of my heroics on Saturday and Sunday. You WILL have the ability to only que randomly for the 2 new heroics over and over again until you have done them 7 times since they offer more Valor points then the others. This is going to probably increase the que times for people who can only play certain days of the week. The only worry I have with the ability to que for only the higher heroics over and over again is it is going to make the shelf life of those heroics very short in terms of enjoyment. Since there are only 2 I can easy see myself getting sick of them the first week simply because you are going to do each one over and over again.

LFG, Guild edition.

In every server dedicated forum on WorldofWarcraft.com there is always 1-3 sticky posts that Blizzard will approve. The first is normally forum rules written by Blizzard. The second is a thread called “Active Guild List on “Server X”. LFG should effectively replace this thread and it is about time. Kudos to all who take the time out of their life to keep an active listing of all guilds on the server and their information but it is simply too large of a job for one person to do. Now blizzard is going to give Guilds the option to list their guild and some information right in a player’s UI. There are many reasons why this is a great change here are a few…

1. Everything will be current and accurate. Too often will you find on the thread that it is very out-dated and inaccurate when it comes to guild information. Now if someone doesn’t know your guild exists or thinks you raid Wednesday when you actually raid Thursday this is on the Guild itself and not the individual who decided he wanted to keep track of things.

2. Players will know where to look for Guild information. About 3 times a day I see this in trade…


“Go to the forums there is an active list of guilds and their information”

“Really thanks I had no clue.”

3. Now that it is built into the UI people will check it more often, therefore guilds so see an increase in recruitment.

I have read little on what is actually going into this but it seems like it is built for a lot of things to be added to the feature in the future. Some things I would like to see (if they are not already in there). Way to view Guild Progression/Achievements, an easy way to view which officers in a guild are online so you can make contact with them, a built-in way to show what class/spec guild is looking for and, list of events in guild (raids, BGs, ect).

I Challenge you!

In the past couple days more and more has been coming out about the new “Guild Challenges” feature.  From the name alone I thought it was going to be something each individual would have to do to gain guild perks for themselves (which would be cool). Instead the challenges are for the guild as a whole and they give the guild achievements and more experience for completing them. SO far most of the challenges that I have seen are things that most guilds will do simply by default (Guild Heroics, Raids, and rated BGs.) Now most guilds reach the experience cap without any problems but the experience gained from doing these challenges are not included in the cap, so in theory if you go out of your way to complete them you will level your guild faster than normal. The rewards for the individuals completing the tasks are things like gold and guild rep. For me I wish this came at the beginning of the expansion considering at this point my guild is close to maxing out and I am already exalted. I can see this turning into a pretty cool thing if they add things like a “weekly raid” for guilds, (Like going to Kara in a guild group one week and TOC the next) or adding a feature that the GM can assign a task for the week for rewards.

Time to Nerf.

The reason Firelands was held off is because most people have not downed all the content.  Blizzard’s favorite way of allowing people to see all of this content before it is time to move on is by Nerf-ing content, which is what is in store for us in the next couple of weeks. Some bosses are being scaled back, fixed, or having mechanic changes that will allow more people to move forward with progression. A lot of people complain about this trend that Blizzard favors but I personally don’t see the harm. I think it is a good thing that most people will see the game that they pay to see. Yes YOU did it when it was really hard to do and people will know that through progress sites and you’re bragging in trade chat, but that is no reason to hold everyone back. Difficulty on content is all relative to the Guild/player in the game. In the end it is just more fuel for you to put down the “baddies” in the game by saying things like “Well when I killed Heroic BWD the bosses had a lot more health and the game was actually hard, your achievement means nothing.”….grats.

Like a Rock.

No I do not drive a Chevy Silverado, (I used to drive a S10 though). Recently I have been getting into the lore behind this game. After it was shoved down our throat in ICC I was left wanting more so I read The Shattering, which shocked a bunch of my close friends and family since I don’t normally read books. (Great book I suggest you read it) One of the first things I did when Cata dropped was run into Iron Forge on my level one toon and run to Old Iron Forge. Unfortunately the door that sits at the entrance of the Throne room was still closed and I was pissed that I was not going to get a look at ol Bronze Beard turned into crystal. FINALLY they are opening the doors up and I am excited to go take a look. Knowing some of the lore offers a different experience in-game that is actually kind of cool.

Class Changes

Not going to say much other than if you are good at this game or care about performing on day one of this patch I suggest you check out the patch notes for your class. This is going to drop on a Tuesday which is normally the first night a guild raids in a week. Don’t be the guy who shows up to the raid unaware that he needs to respec or that “Spell A” now kills you instead of healing you. (Extreme example but you get the point). Some classes are getting more changes than others but they are all worth paying attention to.

Like I said before there is a ton more in this patch then what I have mentioned here but these are the things I felt needed a little more attention. I am sure most people pay attention to patch notes but some people are going to miss some of these notes since they come out with new ones ever couple of days or so. Personally I am excited to see where this takes us when it actually drops, and it is nice to see that all of the additions offer some room for improvement and changes in the future much like Archeology. Let’s just hope it comes soon I don’t know how many more weeks of anticipation I can go through without actually seeing these changes in action.

Thanks once again for reading this week’s OverRaided Blog post I hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned last week I am looking for some game screenshots to use in these posts and I am looking at you. Just e-mail them to me at DKTWSS@gmail.com and include a caption along with it so I can give you a deserved shout-out underneath the pic. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or email me at DKTWSS@gmail.com. I hope to see you again next week and have a great weekend.


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