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Excuse Train!!!

"Bartol would like to dedicate this pic to all gnomes being punted. We will have our revenge!"

Where is TWSS at???

Ok so I have been about as bad as Pau Gasol’s playoff performance when it comes to staying dedicated to posting in the past couple of weeks I know. Now I am going to be like the Miami Heat and give you a bunch of crappy reasons why I have been terri-bad at it. Then I will make like a politician and provide you with a plan of action. This is not a post for Over Raided it is simply a “News Post”…. Stay tuned.

In the past couple of weeks my real life has been completely changed, and I will give you reasons why I have been absent in the only way I know how…. LIST.

WORK WORK WORK!!! – Everyday I get up at 5 A.M and I don’t make it home until 6:30 P.M when you account for traffic and an adult work schedule. Not going to lie, it has been a little bit of a culture shock considering what I had before. With that being said the job I have is great, and I make more cash monies so I have to do it. I have finally fallen into a rhythm and I now can manage time a little better. It has even cut into my raiding but soon I will be back full swing raiding and posting.

Personal Thingys – Mother’s Day, Family B-days, wedding planning trips, home shopping, current home maintenance, family visiting out of town, ECT. In the past couple of weeks, whatever personal time I have had left has been eaten up by a variety of things. For what I can foresee they have settled down and I will do less RL stuff and more World……of Warcraft stuff.

DA BULLS!!! – Just when I get some free time the Bulls are bouncing an orange ball on the hardwood. They have been outstanding and extremely exciting to watch. When Taj Gibson poster-ized D-Wade last night I did a lap in my house screaming it was that good. You do not want to know what I did when he had one of the most amazing dunks I have ever seen later that game. Don’t worry when they win it all in a couple of weeks that will be even more free time on my hands.

PLAN OF ACTION – I am back and ready to post. I have set aside times on the weekend where I will write, attempt to edit, and post all of your awesome screenshots. This could be the most disheartening news of them all. Just when you and the collective internet community who stumbled across my blog when they were looking for professional advice thought you got rid of me, I come crawling back. Look for a post next Friday/Saturday night.

I hope all is well and I really missed doing this every week. I cannot wait to get back to it and continue to ramble about the game we all have come to love (or hate depending on your situation). See you next Friday.

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