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Here’s Daddy!

Bartol would like to dedicate this pic to all gnomes being punted. We will have our revenge!

As I mentioned last week I have disappeared from the WOW community and the World itself. If you read my last post you would know I have a lot of things going on….or HAD a lot going on.

The Bulls epic collapse was painful to watch. I cannot even put it into words, a common issue I have, and about how I felt about the last 4 times I saw my beloved Bulls take the court. I know they have a bright future ahead of them, but I have been through a lot of Sports pain this year and this Team was supposed to be different. If the Cannucks and Heat both end up winning it all (and they are in the finals playing the best they have all year), all of my Chicago sports teams would have been knocked out of the playoffs by the eventual champion. (Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks). Moral of the story, TV just got about 100% less interesting to me.

Disclaimer:  One of my closest friends just went to the land of Cheese and hairy woman (France) for about 2 months. He is also the person who e-mails me all the time when he reads my posts and corrects my grammar and spelling mistakes. So prepare yourself for some epic display of the English language.

This Pic Was Brought to you by Tote of the Interior Guard

When thinking about what I should write this week I had a really difficult time. Mainly because I have not played WOW in about 2-3 weeks so how could I possibly talk about it? I really came to a point where I did not know if I wanted to even come back at all. Like most WOW players however you cannot stay away, and I am back and better than ever. (You would probably disagree after reading this post.) At one point I had a conversation with someone about WOW and what made them quit. After listening to him QQ for about 10 minutes he ended his rant with…”It is ok I know I will be back eventually.” Thinking about that statement you realize that people who quit WOW say that all the time., and it got me wondering why people come back at all.

I am sure people come back for many reasons, but in my opinion these 5 are the most prevalent. For me it was a combination of them all. To be honest I never really left, I just had to step aside for a couple of weeks to take care of some real life crap. I am sure the WOW community (and my raid leader) took a large sigh of relief when they found out they didn’t get rid of me. Just when you thought I was down and out, I come crawling right back. (I crawl back because I am short of breath from walking)

3. New Shiny Stuff – I have yet to run any of the new 5 man content since it was released and I plan on doing it right after I make this post go live. I have no doubt that after running them 1-2 times I won’t want to go back, but I want to see it. Combine that with my guild’s Heroic progression and I am sold.

2. You are too epic to retire just yet. – I refuse to type /played in WOW because I am afraid to know how much time I have invested into that toon, let alone all of my alts. The one thing that will eventually make me quit this game, is when it dies. The thought of starting over from scratch makes me want to cry. This is the main reason I refuse to touch another MMO. This is why I KNOW Rift will never come close to WOW, even if they post all of these fancy videos of disgruntled WOW players talking about how much better the game is. I have played it a little, and NEWS FLASH: Same game with a different mask. The statements of…

“It will never get repetitive unlike WOW because of the randomness of rifts.”

“Really? I would be willing to bet only 3-4 months into that game there are people who get annoyed with Rifts ruining their plans to kill boars or w/e you do in that game.

“So many specs, ZOMG”

“Give it time, eventually some dude with a massive calculator and no life will tell you what the best spec is for each class, and you will be considered bad if you don’t use it.

“There is not going to be down days and fail design like WOW”

“How is that going for you?”

I am sure the game is good and all of that, but the truth is that WOW’s community is too invested as a whole to make the switch. I am sure Blizzard is laughing about it right now as they sit on their Golden toilets wiping themselves with dollar bills because buying toilet paper is simply an inconvenience.

1. The people – Over the course of 3ish years I have met a lot of awesome, and not so awesome, people. It is comforting to come back and talk to all of the people you left behind. When you are not there you feel left out and want to be a part of it all again. This is WOW’s greatest asset, and the part of the game I enjoy so much. I cannot wait to show up to a raid for the first time in forever again. I am sure I will be riding the pine, but simply knowing that I am back is a comforting feeling.

Bartol would like to dedicate this pic to all gnomes being punted. We will have our revenge!

That is it? Really? Terrible.

This list of things was hella short I know, but cut me some slack I am working with nothing here. Next week I will try to pretend to be knowledgeable again and offer up some real insight to the game we all know and love so much. Couple quick housekeeping issues before I leave you to your own devices…

TWSS b going to Blizzcon – WOOT I am so pumped you have no idea. The Guardian Tank Podcast is making the trip and it is going to be epic. I don’t know of any definitive plans for it quite yet but there will be some things going down outside of the WOW Mecca known as Blizzcon.

Thanks To all Screen Shot Posters! –I got great response from you all when I asked for some screen shots. I will continue to sue the up as they come in, and please keep sending them they are awesome.

This picture was brought to you by Supermilo lvl 85 warrior and the comite of invisible armor"

Well that is it for this week. Mark this down as the shortest blog post ever, but enjoy it while you can because as time goes on I will get back into the swing of things and get back to posting short stories. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or you can e-mail me at DKTWSS@gmail.com I hope you enjoyed, it feels great to be back and see you next week.


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