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Man on the Run!

It is amazing how fast your life can change in such little time. For the longest time I have been a “Raider”. If you have been following my blog since inception you know a little bit about my past, and know that raiding is everything in the World (Of Warcraft) to me and nothing else holds a candle too it.  This is no longer the case, and although it may shock some of you, it shocks me even more. I had suspended myself from raiding for about a month before something happened due to real life, but I always imagined I would come back. The Raiding guild I had been a part of for nearly a year decided that 25 man raids was no longer for them, and like any other progression raider my first course of action was to find another raiding guild before patch 4.2 dropped so I did not fall behind.

I found myself searching other guild websites on my server (and others) deciding where I would like to apply. After weighing out all of my options, for the first time I found myself unmotivated to raid more hours than I would sleep. This to me was a weird feeling. For the first time I looked at raiding as a chore, a burden, and waste of time. With ALL of my real life friends about 1-2 months removed from WOW, this was the first time I actually grasped the idea that all of my friends around me, where gone. (I still talk to them daily but not in WOW 😦 ) Do not get me wrong I loved my former guild, but I never built a strong personal relationship with a lot of people in there because it was all business, the way it should be for a progression guild. As stupid as it sounds I truly felt lost and alone, even though I was surrounded by thousands on a busy Orgrimmar night.  So I logged out and left my seasoned and well geared Death knight in Orgrimmar, never planning to come back.

After a couple of nights away from WOW it started to feel strange not playing any longer. I started to feel odd. Not only was WOW a huge part of my life, but if I quit WOW I would have to quit Podcasting and blogging, both things I am not willing to give up. (People would argue that I do not have to play to do these things, I disagree. It is only right for someone who is giving an opinion on something to actually have experiences to give said opinions.) Am I quitting WOW? Absolutely not, I just play from a different perspective now and to be honest I like it a lot more. I ultimately decided that WOW was still going to be a part of my life, however there was going to be some changes.

First, Raiding was no longer going to be a priority in my LIFE. In WOW raiding will always be my priority, but WOW has been surpassed by a lot of things that have entered my life or are going to shortly, and I have accepted that and am embracing that. I am still going to raid, but I will no longer be the most geared DK on my server. (I was for quite some time… ZOMG GEAR IS EVERYTHING). Does this mean that I am going to lose the raiding skills I have gained over the years? No, I just won’t spend 9-11 hours a week on progression. After all of this happened I was offered a guaranteed raiding spot on 3 different top-end guilds, on 3 different servers, all of which I turned down. This is how I know I am doing what I want to do and that is comforting to be honest.

Second, I was going to play with friends again now that the ones I was previously playing with have left. If I wasn’t going to have raiding to fall back on in WOW I was going to have to fall back on the people behind the screens. I have always said that the people you play with are more important than the bosses you kill. Sometimes when things are going well you can forget how much you really do not like this game if you are not playing with friends. The most intriguing opportunity was with the Interior Guard, the official Guild of the Guardian Tank Podcast. EVERYONE (except our newest guest host, the funny man from across the pond + a man skirt…..he is Scottish if you don’t understand that…I think) is in this guild, and I have always wanted to get to know these people a lot better. This was the perfect opportunity to get to know them all a lot better and I jumped on it. It is still strange to be in a guild where Raiding is not done with 25 people 10 hours a week but I am embracing it. Am I going to be on the upper echelon of raiding with the Interior Guard? No, but that’s not what WOW is about for me anymore. Now I have a home where I can be with some really great people, still raid, and enhance my WOW experience in more ways than ever before (Playing, Podcasting, and Writing). Without the Interior Guard, this site and the Guardian Tank Podcast, I probably would have canceled my WOW subscription already.

Last but not least I was going to have more ME time. This goes without an explanation and with the future I have ahead of me it is an adjustment I had to make to ensure that WOW is a part of who I am until this game seizes to exist.

Quick Hits-

My Writing will be better –Not only am I going to have more time to allocate to this site and other things, my experiences in this game are going to be much broader and unique. I have already taken part in my first Pug Heroic in over 3 months…enough said.

For The Horde!!! (No More) –TWSS is now a Dwarf, my favorite race in the game. When I faction changed I got a completely different game and it is a cool experience. The first

thing I noticed…. Stormwind is much cooler looking then Orgrimmar. This is not me saying this because it is new; this is truly how I feel. Flying above SW for the first time was truly amazing. They did a lot of work to that city and in my opinion is the most cosmetically appealing city in the game.

This Pic Was Brought to you by Tote of the Interior Guard

You need a 401k to Server and faction change – Moving TWSS cost 55 bucks of my hard-earned cash, and I plan on moving 2 more toons. This has caused some issues that I did not foresee and they are quite annoying. For one I had a total of 93k gold spread across all of my toons, however Blizzard has a 25k limit per toon when server/faction transferring. The name TWSS was taken on my new server so now I am “TheRealTWSS”, but I quickly learned that the name looks stupid in-game because all of my letters are lower case….Therealtwss. I understand that all of these things are there for a reason, but when you personally have to go through them it is quite annoying.

I brought an Orc with me – This is something I found quite funny. If you look at the main picture for this post you will see that my Argent Tournament Squire pet is an Orc. When I transferred I must have had this pet out and the game did not reset my pet when I logged into the game for the first time as a Dwarf. I thought that was pretty cool, however when I re-summoned him he was now human.

Vancouver….Really – This is not WOW related but I am a huge sports buff and this cannot go without mentioning. The fact that a bunch of idiots thought it was a good idea to riot because their hockey team lost is pathetic. I know that this is not a reflection on the whole city, but it really is so appalling it is hard not to associate the whole city with this. (Right now all of the Canadians are saying “OHHHH a stupid American doesn’t understand what it is like to be a real sports fan.” If being a fan requires me to act like a morons and succumb to mob mentality then you are right, I am not a sports fan. I’ll take being civilized any day of the week.

Miami Heat Loose – Again Non WOW related, but I have never been happier to see a team loose. I still think those ja-mokes are going to win at least one, and oddly enough I actually don’t dis-like Chris Bosh as much as I thought I did. He showed up, kept his class, and clearly cares about winning. Something “King James” seemed to care less about when he gave America the verbal middle finger in his press conference. Did LeBron James really just tell me that I have to get back to the real world? I am not too sure he knows what the real world even looks like.

Maybe one day I will return to the hardcore raiding scene, maybe not. Either way I know that I am happy and that is always a good thing. Once again thanks to the Interior Guard for taking me in as one of your own and I cannot wait to continue to play this game that we all know and love so much with you. For all of my readers, try to remember what is important in your life, and remember that WOW is not everything, even though we are all guilty of acting like it is.

Thank you for reading this week’s post of the OverRaided Blog I hope you enjoyed. This was more of a serious post but for me it was a new and unique experience that EVERYONE in this game will have to go through in one way or another. I am looking for some writers to join the Over Raided Blog to make this a better site for everyone. If you are interested, or have any questions please feel free to email me at DKTWSS@gmail.com, or leave a comment below. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you next week.


  1. Christopher Davidson
    June 19, 2011 at 8:47 am

    Well written TWSS, I know personally I have gone through the same thing in the last few months, and we are THRILLED that you have come to join us in the Interior Guard. Keep up the great work!

  2. June 21, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    I love this article, I had a similar revelation around the end of Wrath while banging my head into the wall trying to lead a group through LK (get out of the damn defile people =/).

    Recently, my brother and I, both ex-GM’s of a Horde Raiding guild have created ally toons on Gorefiend and joined the Interior Guard as we level through the dungeon finder as tank/healer. Hopefully you’ll be seeing us at your side in raids soon!

    Lastly, I’m hoping to get the motivation to write an article for you this weekend, since I get Fridays off of work during the summer. I’d like to run the general idea/premise for what I want to write by you first, so what is the best way to do that (email, post here?).

    Thanks for the good read, Therealtwssbutnowanallydwarfonanewserverinanewguildwithdifferentgoals

    -Circadian, Human Paladin

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