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It has been a while since I have last posted on the site, somewhat of a reoccurring theme, however you all have not been left out with nothing to read at Overraidedblog.com. I am happy to say that Overraided has added 5 new writers to the team, all of which seem to have great promise. They will inevitably pick up the slack I bring to the table and be able to fill the void I leave behind when I disappear for 3 weeks at a time. (I am trying to fix this I swear.)

First order of business this week is.. Go AMERICA! You know you are a proud citizen when a Woman’s world cup game has me more fired up then well, Firelands itself. Now you all know me and how much I love sports, but never would I have said before this weekend “I watched 3 hours of Woman’s soccer.” Watching that game tie-ing header go in against Brazil had me screaming at the Television; all the while my dog stared at me in confusion wondering what the hell was going on. As of right now we just beat the cheesy French and a World cup set in our sights. (Sorry if you are French, I am not being politically correct here, I truly feel sorry for you….because you are French).

*Incoming E-mail – Huh huh huh! You stupit Amederican, you alvays think you are sooo great, but nobody is as great az zee mighty French. Go to Zell! (Best I can do when trying to write out a French accent, I can do it better in person I swear)

So back to WOW and the massive rug burn we all got know as Firelands. I think it is a success. It has brought the first set of daily content that I actually enjoy doing on a day-to-day basis. Just when I was about done enjoying the first set of dailies, I unlocked a new set to refresh my taste buds. Firelands the raid is well done. I have not spent much time in there but I like what they did with the bosses, and the brevity of the instance considering the amount of non raiding content that came with this patch. Thrall’s quest line, was epic. I know some people did not like it, but after reading the Shattering I actually felt like I was doing something that was meaningful in the WOW world when I saved Thrall from falling forever into the elements. (and for the first time I actually knew what all of these crazy NPCs were talking about.)

However with all of the good that this patch brought us, there is always some bad. Things that just drive me crazy. Things that really bring out the idiot in people. Most of it is little things, which is why I still really like patch 4.2 overall after everything is said and done. So get your QQ PEWPEW guns out because I am about to cry myself up and down this wall of text that you have chosen to subject yourself to. (And much like the French, I am sorry)

You do know that CC does not pull groups anymore right? – I was a sad panda the day after the patch dropped and the reality was that my heroic epics were no longer leet, they were as good as the gear you get from doing quest chains for Thrall. I now once again was forced to run random heroics with the masses, and subject myself to endless fail for hours on end. I had not done a random in months, simply because for me there was no point. I THOUGHT that people would have learned how to do simple heroics by now, but within one pull I was quickly reminded that this probably will never be the case. If you do not know by now here is what you need to know.

1. If you CC a mob before it is pulled, it no longer aggros the whole group. (So when I ask nicely to sheep the moon, don’t stand there eating your hot-pockets waiting for me to pull everything.)

2. Pulling stuff on your own because I am not going fast enough for you, only makes me go slower. No one wants to get in and out of a heroic faster than I do. I find it funny how some people think they are so awesome that they think the simple rules of an instance do not apply to them. News flash, you are just as average of a player as the majority of people who logged in the same day as you, and until you learn your lesson every tank before and after me will enjoy watching you die as punishment for being such an ass.

3. Kill Order normally starts with Skull, then X, then the rest. I don’t mark mobs because I think they tiny pictures above the mob looks pretty, I do it to let you know what should die first. My guess is that 99% of the people who play WOW know this, so why are you ripping into something else?

UMADBRA? – I have and always will play on PVP servers. I understand that people want to show off their awesomeness by killing people doing dailies. The majority of the time I will let the other faction go about their business when we have to quest in the same area, simply because I don’t have time to fight you. When people engage me in world PVP I do not fault them for that, that is what a PVP server is for. However much like TB the quests that people want to get done lends itself to some ripe grief-ing opportunities for a bunch of Pros out there who like to finish you off when you cannot fight back or are nearly dead. Go ahead and grief me once. Twice ok, but when I am letting you kill me without even fighting back I clearly am not interested in rumbling with you right now so please leave me alone because I have better things to do. By far the most frustrating thing is when I pass people who are nearly dead, and I let them go about their business. Then they return the favor by killing me off when I am the one occupied with 4 mobs 30 seconds later. Get a life, or at least don’t ruin mine. “OMG TWSS QQ QQ”

Accept my group invite dude Hey btw, if we are in a group together doing the same dailies, then we can get done twice as fast. Now I know you want all of the grey drops to yourself, and you take pride in your ability to kill mobs for Marks of the World Tree all by yourself like a big boy/girl, but really just accept my damm invite so we both can move on to bigger and better things twice as fast. *I know some people are in a Dungeon Que so they decline groups, however I have had people tell me that they do not want to group with people in case an Epic drops……………………more than once. *

STAY AWAY! By far the most annoying daily is the quest where you have to kill 6 Firelands Elites with you posse of NPCs at your aid. The quest is not hard, and in an isolated situation is fairly short. The only problem is that your NPCs that you bring with you are as blood thirsty as the Big Boy Rogue who just back-stabbed me when I had 10k Hp left. When you and an opposing faction get anywhere near each other, both sets of NPCS start going at it. Most of the time both real players just want to move on, but without them you are screwed. In the end both sets of NPCs kill each other off, and we are left standing in-front of an Elite that in the end kills us both. So Why Why WHY do people continue to run next to opposing faction members in this area. It has happened to all of us, and unless you are intentionally trying to kill me there is no reason you should even come near each other. STAY AWAY!

MY NAME – TheRealTWSS……I hate it. I have said it before but it drives me nuts. TWSS was taken and I paniced and ended up with TheRealTWSS. So dumb

Like I said before, I really enjoy 4.2, but it is a lot more fun to write about the things that annoy me in this case. I will say that I have found a great home in the Interior Guard and I have been happy. The people in there are great and all want to learn and have a good time. We have a lot of work and learning to do, and to be honest sometimes I think my head is going to explode. Not for any other reason than I am used to a go go go mentality when raiding, and this is not that. It is nice to just go and raid and hang out for three hours, and as time goes on we will become more of a group that functions together, instead of a collection of 10 random people who want to raid.

I want to once again thank and welcome all of OverRaided’s new members, and I am looking forward to reading their stuff. (You should too because chances are it is going to be an upgrade from the norm). Thanks to all who follow and read the site, you guys are the reason I write this thing. I could not be happier with where this thing is at, and where it is headed. Remember if you want to submit any screenshots, or want a chance to write for the site just e-mail me at DKTWSS@gmail.com. If you have any other questions or comments you can email me or leave them below. Thanks once again and I will see you all again soon (Notice I didn’t say next week 😛 )


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