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Min/Max Time: How Archeology can help with Queue times

There are many Warcraft players out in the community that cannot be at their computer for endless amounts of hours. Some of us can only be in Azeroth for a couple hours each day or for specific blocks of time throughout each week. I am a family man with two kids and a loving and beautiful wife. Needless to say I have a limited amount of time to spend in the game. So we are here to answer the great question “How can I get the most out of the precious time I have in game?”

Let’s talk about the Queue. If you want to DPS a heroic the queues time in LFD is 30-40 minutes before you get to “play” the game…….Of course we are not just going to sit in Org twiddling our thumbs waiting for the finder to put us into a dungeon group. No No No, we have way too many things to do before the time comes to rock the mad deeps. What can we do with this time? There is a plethora of uses that really depends on your class, progress in game, professions and desire. For example, if you are a skinner/LW you can go to Tol Barad and mass murder the spiders (or follow behind someone mass murdering spiders) and collect the leathers. Turn these into heavy leathers and sell on the AH for great profit. If your server is like mine the price of the leather is lower than if you take your 10 heavy savage leather to the trader in Twilight Highlands and sell the Pristine Hides on the AH for between 200-250g.

Another great use of your time if you have plenty of gold is to get your Archeology leveled up. The beauty of the LFG queue is that you can queue from anywhere. Don’t just sit there, go out into the world and dig up some artifacts while you wait! Even if you don’t care about the artifacts leveling this secondary profession can be incredibly profitable and provides bonuses and opportunities. While you are flying around the world get the explorer achievement as you travel from one dig site to the next. You can also explore some of the not often seen areas of the world with the help of the podcast “Warcraft Less Traveled”. But the main reason you want to level up Archeology is so when you are put into a ZG run then you get the extra boss. Extra boss means extra loot, extra points, and extra gold….Starting to seem worth it yet? If you are not sold yet there is one more benefit that we receive from Archeology. Once you have your archeology skill up to 425 you can give your group an extra buff in the instance you are pulled into. The more buffs your group has the better and faster the run will go (in theory) and a better use of your time.

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