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Loremaster Legends: In the Beginning…

So, for this first ever blog post of mine, I thought I’d break down the lore, from the beginning, and work my way forward through the timeline, to create a general sense of comfort for those not quite familiar with how dates work in the Warcraft universe and when things happened. This will provide a clear, accurate, chronological order of the events connected to game we all love to play.  Forgive me if I throw in bits from the RPG books, since those just recently got declared non-canon. If you have a particular subject you want me to write about, however, I’d gladly skip ahead/back/sideways to cover it, or will have an episode done about it on the podcast as soon as we can. But, enough jibba-jabba as a certain Night Elf Mohawk might say.  On with this post’s legend:  The Titans!

As the Holy Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.  Scientists will tell you that in the beginning there was a big bang. We’re talking about Warcraft though, and in the beginning…we don’t have a clue. The denizens of Azeroth have their theories, just as we do about out universe, but beliefs of what happened are as varied as here on Earth. Some think they had an explosion of their own, while some think it was a single all-powerful entity (sound familar?).  Eventually (around 147,000 years ago), a powerful race of metallic beings came forth, seeking to create stability in the chaotic universe. These gods traveled across space, bringing order to over a hundred million planets.  This race, ruled by the almighty Pantheon, is actually split into two (that we know of) types;  The Aesir and the Vanir.

The Aesir

The Aesir are the platinum-skinned Titans, which are stronger, smarter, and more agile than the Vanir.  They are associated with the elements of water and air.

The Vanir

The Vanir, although not as strong, are tougher than the Aesir, showing their connection to the element of earth.  These Titans are bronze-skinned.

The Pantheon

  • Aman’Thul (Aesir) – This is the leader of the Pantheon, due to being the eldest most likely, and it is he who gave some of his power to the Bronze Aspect, Nozdormu.  He is also the brother of the much better known Titan, Sargeras.

  • Eonar (Vanir) – This is the consort of Aman’Thul, responsible for protecting life, nature, and health.  She is responsible for two Aspects,Alexstrasza and Ysera.
  • Norgannon (Aesir) – He is the master of magic, knowledge, secrets, and mysteries. I wonder which sad Aspect he imbued with his powers and gave the map to the magical ley lines of Azeroth.
  • Golganneth (Aesir) – Son of Aman’Thul and Eonar, he has the power of thunder.  There isn’t an Dragon Aspect associated with thunder, so Golganneth didn’t have to mess around with the whole power imbuing thing.
  • Khaz’goroth (Vanir) – This is the forger of worlds, the guy responsible for the Earthen.  Earth. Earth-Warder. The only Aspect I haven’t mentioned be blessed yet. Yup, this guy did that one. Thanks Khaz, it’s working out really well for us now.

  • Sargeras (Vanir) – This is the former Champion of the Pantheon.  He had a mental break down and got a new job.
  • Aggramar (Vanir) – This is the guy that took over Sargeras’s old job. He beats up people that work for Sargeras now.  Irony?

So things were going pretty well for the Titans, as they traveled, changing chaos into order. Over time, evil beings from the Twisting Nether started seeping in, trying to screw up all that order they’d put together. It was Sargeras’s job to stop this threat and so he willingly did, for thousands of years. After facing demons for that long and having to constantly fight chaos, he came to question the idea that the universe was meant to be in order as it naturally moved towards chaos, and even questioned the mission of the Titans. His fellow Titans tried to calm him down, but he would not be soothed. He moved out stormed out of the Pantheon, setting out to find his own place in the universe.  The Pantheon was sad that he left, but they didn’t know that the path he would go down that would lead him to be the enemy one day.

Next time, I’m looking at either branching into Sargeras’s story more, following the creation of the Burning Legion (a tale that has changed, due to the Burning Crusade and the retcon with the Eredar) or continuing with the Titans proper, flowing into their eventual battle with the Old Gods.  Leave your comments below to help sway my choice. As always, you can email me at lorestories@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get your weekly fix of lore!

  1. Ana
    August 22, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    More on the Titans, please!

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