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RPGenius: My Warlock Rolls Need on Plate


I shall take your plate as my own!

Wow, you read my first post, and it didn’t scare you away!  For those of you that loved the theme of my first post, I’m going to totally disappoint you, since I’m going to go a little off topic today.  I have a few life lessons, reasons to do your homework, and some Warcraft ideas.

First of all, Amy Winehouse was found dead in London this past weekend.  Very sad story, but not at all unexpected from her past antics and unwillingness to recognize the path she was traveling.  You can only burn yourself out so much before it takes its toll.  How does this tie into a Warcraft blog?  Just remember, whatever it is, the cliche is true: take everything in moderation.  Just as with dodge and parry ratings, all the pleasures in the world will eventually show diminishing returns.  Contrary to the game, “stacking” one behavior in real life can be destructive to the point of having dire consequences that cannot be fixed with a reset button.

And as I said before, she did not have the ability or the desire to see what would happen to her if she did not change her ways.  In my opinion, it is this lack of foresight that can be linked to unsuccessful endeavors in life.  It is so important to see not what will make you happy in the next five minutes, but to see what behaviors will reap the most benefits in the next five years or five decades.  As soon as people realize this, life in general becomes more productive for everyone.  Yes, in school it may be more fun AT THE MOMENT to talk with your friends and text during class, but that 1.5 GPA won’t be too attractive when you apply to colleges in four years.  Sure, that extra hour of sleep might be great AT THE MOMENT, but your boss won’t find it nearly as funny when you arrive late to work a couple times a week.

OK, that is the end of my rant as a former teacher.

Back to gaming and the World of Warcraft, my topic this week is a little bit specialized.  As you may know from my bio on this site, my first character, and my namesake, is Tadpol, the Undead Warlock.  After him, my second character was a Blood Elf Priest, Jaycura.  Apparently I am a glutton for punishment, since I decided it would be a great idea to start my life in the World of Warcraft by leveling two clothies.  As you might have guessed, I spent a lot of time on these characters in the following scenario:

1. Make sure I’m filled to full and have mana.
2. Ensure all buffs are up.
3. Ready my skills and think about my rotation and what I need to do to make sure I maximize dps on target mob.
4. Target the mob.
5. Cast first spell.
6. Watch fire/shadow float through the air.
7. Fire/Shadow connects with target, dealing about 10% of target’s health.

and then…

8a. Target mob is a warrior who charges in and splats me with 2 hits.
8b. Target mob is caster who hits me with 2 spells and I die.
8c. Target mob is any other DPS.  I get hit down to 50% and then I run away screaming “AHHHHHHHHHHH!”  …./splat.
8d. Target mob is taken down to 5%, while I’m still keeping myself alive at about 30% health.  The target the decides to flee because he’s a humanoid and aggroes 6 of his friends, who proceed to gang-splat me.

Wearing cloth, you'll get to know this guy really well.

Wearing cloth, you'll get to know this guy really well.

If you have never leveled a priest/mage/warlock, those scenarios will seem foreign to you.  Those of you who have are probably laughing hysterically or crying onto your keyboard in recognition.  Over time, you learn creative strategies, pet tanking abilities, crowd control situations, and when to just plain run away that the heavier armor players rarely have to worry about to succeed while questing.  In spite of these annoyances, I have managed to level these characters to 85.  so I will now take my infinite knowledge of the squishy to give you a few tips that can help my fellow cloth wearing brethren while attempting to accrue your Marks of the World Tree on a daily basis.  This will only  take you through the first few “tiers” of the Firelands dailies, but it will be enough to get you started and let you get your first 300 or so Marks over time.

And now, without further ado, I proudly present to you the Introduction to Firelands dailies for cloth wearers!

– As stated by TWSS, if someone wants to party up, accept!  It can only speed things up. Your main objective is to stop things from smacking you in the face, since, as a clothie, you will take more damage from hits than anyone else in the game.  Having someone to tank mobs or just split the damage can greatly help your efforts.  It will also cause the mobs to die more quickly, thereby decreasing overall damage they can distribute.

– For the quests out in Hyjal before entering the portal to the Firelands, the pyrelords and behemoths also count as Firelands invaders, so when you have the kill 6 behemoths/pyrelords and the kill 9 invaders quests, go south first, then you only have to kill 3 more “normal” invaders after you are done with the 6.

– When you first enter the Firelands through the portal, you will get 4 different dailies.  For the quests that require you to kill things, you can usually stand at the top of the ramp, where you will be safe from damage from gankers, and pick off the mobs that manage to run up there.  Also, you’ll have the full support of the guardians standing at the top of the ramp to down the mobs more quickly.

– In this first area, most of the mobs (such as the Charred Vanquishers, Druids of the Flame, etc.) don’t attack you until you attack them.  So you can run directly next to them, and as long as you or your pet don’t attack, you’ll be fine and they’ll run by you on their mindless path to assault the druids back at the entrance.

– Lava Bursters (the flaming worms that pop up out of the ground) will take about 35% of your health, depending on gear if they hit you with their meteor. If you see a worm, then a shadow on the ground under you…move!  the meteor will also throw you up into the air, which is pretty much a signal flare for any plate wearer of the opposite faction to complete the job on your squishy butt when you land.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Tremors…you know what I mean.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon alert!

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon alert!

– Always have an action bar with your crowd control abilities or instant heals when you do the dailies, and keybind them.  For locks, make sure to bind fear, howl of terror, death coil, etc.  Priests, keep psychic scream handy.  Mages…you may need 2-3 action bars for your CC.  Having skills that are normally left off your easy access bars since they are “pvp” can save you in a pinch when someone tries to gank.  If nothing else, they can at least buy you time to pop a heal/healthstone and run back to the safe zone near the portal.

– In general, standing in one spot is a bad idea. It just lets that feral druid or rogue cloak and sneak up on you much easier.  Moving targets are much harder to sneak up on, generally speaking.
Side note, if a feral druid cloaks and you see it, don’t bother running, they’ll just leap onto you and stun you anyway. Prepare to fight.

– Make sure to check vendors whenever you unlock another tier of dailies.  Especially if you are in heroic gear, they will have some nice upgrades at ilvl 365 (caster trinket is pretty decent), which could bump you to ZA/ZG queue level or even help you with T11 raids.

– For the quest “Enduring the Heat” where you have to stamp out the runes, you’ll probably die at least once.  And by probably, I mean almost guaranteed.  For this quest, I’m doing an expanded section to help you out.
Main culprits for your death – how to stay alive:
1. Fire bombs falling – Stay out of shadows on the ground.
2. Never-ending spawns of elementals – Don’t kill them, they are nonstop and you’ll get overwhelmed and die.
3. Gankers – sigh, whatever, jerks will be jerks, nothing much you can do here.
4. Falling in the lava and getting turned around – stop eating your Hot Pocket and pay attention.

Image taken from icy-veins

Image taken from icy-veins

Here’s the tips to make this quest as painless as possible, since it can very quickly become ultra-frustrating
1. First and foremost, STAY MOVING, NEVER STOP
2. For your path, as soon as you enter the cave, make a 90 degree left turn and grab that rune first (its over the little ridge, just jump), then continue around the left side edge, then back up the right side, making sure to cut in and get the center rune along the way back up, this will also put you at the entrance for an easy escape when you’re done (picture taken from icy-veins.com)

3. Use the air vents to jump over the gaps instead of lava swimming. They look like little upward currents of gray smoke (may have to turn up video settings if they aren’t there).  You actually have to jump to activate them when you are standing on them.
4. LAST TIP: if (when) you die as a clothie, take this time as a ghost to run through the cave and plan the route, without the stress of all the “main culprits” listed above.  As a ghost, you can still use the air vents, so also a good time to test these

– If you’ve tried everything, and the griefer population is just too high for you to get any quests done…STOP!  Go log onto another character, run dungeons, go level fishing, anything!  Come back in a couple hours; griefers are like small infants throwing tantrums…eventually they wear themselves out and stop/go to sleep/poop in their pants. I like to think it is the third one, makes me laugh a bit more.

That is it for now.  My next time I will be back to the theme of my first post, but I thought this information needed to be published sooner rather than later now that 4.2 and the dailies are in full swing.  I’m off to write up a petition to Blizzard of reasons why warlocks should get to wear plate armor…and have a glyph that reduces repair costs to that of cloth.

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