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Min/Max Time: Dailies and Grouping FTW

Today I wanted to delve into two ways of viewing the same part of WoW. A great deal of time that is spent at max level can be and often is dedicated to running the dailies. In order to Min/Max our time in game it is crucial to either complete a task in the fastest manor possible or multi task so that you beat two night elves with one totem. Here are two ways of making sure that this happens while completing your dailies.

Dailies are essential for many end game reasons; gear if you are a wow player, mounts and non com pets if you are a collector and then the all purpose gold that can be used to acquire the proceeding three goals. So if we have the addictive need to complete these 25 quests each day then let us do them fast or effective. Grouping and Queuing are your two main options to get these done. Dailies do provide the opportunity for many collectors such as Archeologists, Miners, Herbalists and Tailors to get the items that they covet which are a great component for traveling and questing. If you are not a gatherer profession here is how we get it done.

Option 1: Fast. Sometimes you need to get into Deepholm or the Firelands to complete these quests before the raid starts, your hotel connection drops, or your kid’s episode of Mickey Mouse Club House is over. Grouping is your friend. As a test to this statement I went into the Firelands dailies and completed the quests solo, and it took me 20-25 minutes to complete. Not too bad since Tol Barad would take me 35-45 minutes to finish. I then hoped on another toon and again ran the exact same quests but every time I saw a member of the horde I would invite them into my group. I continued to invited until I got 5 people and after 5 minutes the first set of quests was complete, I then went to the forlorn spire invite another couple people and 2 minutes later had those done also. Even the most simple minded of mathematician can see the obvious advantage to grouping with people to complete these and any quests throughout the world. The moral of the story is “When in doubt, invite for the win!”

Option 2: Queuing. It is the constant bane of a Min/Max time player to be a DPS toon and trying to get Valor capped each week. Don’t worry I will talk about how to get that done in a time efficient manner in future posts. Right now I want you to think of two things that you send to most time doing in game. Probably dailies and sitting in the queue come to mind. Luckily these two time sinks are not mutually exclusive. While you are waiting for the instance or battleground queue, go out into the world and complete those dailies. You should be able to finish your Firelands dailies about the time the queue calls you to a heroic or fight 3-4 battle grounds while running the dailies. If you use the queue time to make sure that you have all your dailies done then think of the benefit. Other then the rep, gear, mounts, and pets, dailies average about 15g per completion means 375g per day and 2625g per week. That is an incredible hunk of change that can be used to make a very “comfortable” playing experience.

Next week I will discuss multiple strategies for minimizing the amount of time that you spend in the queue so that you can spend more time in game on what you love or hit that valor point cap each and every week. Until then good hunting and Lok’Tar Ogar!!!!!!

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