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Min/Max Time: Decked to the Nines

Today’s article is going to be breaking a little from the norm of maximizing your new gear, experience and financial gain in comparison with time. Today I am going to delve into one of the most captivating parts of the 4.3 news that we have heard so far, Transmogrification (here on referred to as Transmog or Mogging if I get truly lazy).

I have been inspired to write this from the discussion that I and the other hosts of the POW W.O.W podcast had last night while recording. Since hearing of this new ability coming up in the patch I always thought of it in the light of I am going to make my character look as purely epic as possible. I will go back to Black Temple on my Paladin and get the Bulwark shield off of Illidan. Travel to Naxx and get the axe “Last Laugh” from Kel’Thusad. Go into the Scarlet Monastery and find the chest piece that looks like their tabard…..You get the idea. While we were talking about the “epic” gear that you could go back and farm Joe threw out a mind blowing idea. What if you make all your gear look like level 6 grey gear. Make that 2-handed mace from Firelands look like “The Mallet”? Think about the Role Player’s dream to not only be able to sport the epic gear to run instances, but do it looking like you are decked to the nines in Bloodsail Buccaneer gear. You could have an entire raid in tuxes and evening gowns. The hilarity and options span soooo far past that of “I want to look like Tier 2”. Let your creativity do its worst/best.

Now I know that this is a lot to process right now but keep a couple things in mind if you are like me and need to kill raid bosses to get the gear you need.

  1. Atlas Loot is your friend, it’s a library of all the gear in Warcraft…use it
  2. Some raids can be soloed figure out which ones and get it done
  3. Some raids you must have a group. Kealthas cannot be soloed (not that I know of). Less is more when it comes from grouping, but make sure that you bring as many as you truly need.
  4. When you group tell people which items you have on “reserve” nothing is more painful than losing a roll on the one piece of gear that you wanted from BT
  5. Some fights cannot be won by brute force. Lady Vash is still a raid killer because people don’t know the mechanics, read the strats before you rush in

Follow these steps of finding, optimizing your grouping, reserving the gear and knowing the fight and you will get your toon looking as “Perfect” as you want in a very short amount of time.

P.S To those of you crafters that can make fun RP clothes, get the old school mats and start crafting…It could be worth a lot come 4.3

  1. August 22, 2011 at 7:51 am

    So excited for “mogging.” My only problem will be making up my mind as to the look I want to go for! Epic scary tier 5 warlock, or funny fedora wearing pirate type-guy? Or maybe the Dennis Rodman wedding dress look…

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