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Min/Max Time: Add-on to Subtract

This week’s article about maximizing in game time is all about the add-ons. These add-ons make our daily tasks/interests easier and quicker to complete. The main three (because all great lists are comprised of three things) add-ons that I will be recommending to the general population of Warcrafters are Reforgelite, Gathermate2, and Advanced Trade Skill Window. Let me describe each of the above add-ons and how they can benefit you in game by reducing time spent on what you would normally be doing.

First is the most important of the listed add-ons. If there is one add-on to receive my highest praise when it comes to simplifying a wholly confusing aspect of this game it’s Reforgelite. If you do not have this add-on then you are a fool (or someone who refuses to use add-ons at all, and I respect that). This add-on does in about 1 min what would take even the most astute and hardcore number crunching gamers a couple hours of research and calculations. Yes it is that good. The whole point of this add-on of pure programming gold is to automatically reforge all your gear into the correct stats. The main benefit to you is if you are a DPS. Reforgelite will get you hit capped within .02% without wasting valuable points that can go elsewhere. If you are any spec this add-on allows you to reforge all of the items that you are wearing with the click of one….ONE button!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen that’s right you too could be perfectly reforged and all at the click of not 3, not 2 but 1 button.

Now a lot of readers are probably thinking… “That has to take forever to program into the add-on my class and spec! Plus I am going to have to adjust the numbers for hit cap because I took X, Y and Z talent! By the time I do all of that I might as well just do it myself and save the hassle of a download.” Well let me just say this, I would never…ever recommend an add-on that takes time away from playing and isn’t stupidly easy. A dwarf could use it while drinking darkbrew ale and training their sporebat to be the best pet for the DPS.

This is all you have to do. Download the add-on (simple enough). Go to the reforger guy and open the panel like you are going to reforge your gear normally. Reforgelite will turn on and give you another panel to work with. Go to the button that says “presets” and select your class and spec. Then click calculate. Finally at the bottom click reforge and BOOM! perfect or as close as your gear will allow to be hit caped, dodge, spirit whatever your toon needs and you are done!!! Fast, free and easy, the trifecta has been achieved.

Second add-on is all about the time spent gathering your materials for either your own professions (cuz screw AH prices) or to then turn around and sell them on the AH to all the people who will pay way too much for the goods rendered. Gathermate 2 is the best way to track where you got the materials you have gathered. Each time that you pick an herb or mine a nod Gathermate 2 will put a marker on your map of what you gathered. These are also displayed on your mini map so you can go to the most frequent nodes and not have check your map over and over. Where is the benefit though? If you are the one going out and farming the materials then you already know in your head where they are. Where is the time saver? It’s in the members of your guild. If anyone else in your guild has the add-on and they are gathering while you are online, your Gathermate 2 collects that information and logs it. If you have a group of people that love to farm in your guild then you can have most of Cataclysm zones cataloged in no time and if enough people are leveling alts you can enter a brand new zone and know exactly where the herbs and minerals are. Now imagine that you have started a Death Knight and you want to get his gathering skills up to 300 before going to outland because if you are anything like me, you hate having to run past an herb or a nod that you can’t gather because your skill isn’t high enough. Using this add-on you know exactly where the herbs and nods are, where to find the next level of herb/nod and you can power level your gathering professions while helping out your fellow guildie!!!!

The third add-on that I would like to focus on is for you profession buffs out there especially those of you who are engineers. This add-on will take your profession window and make it bigger so that you can see more, increase the number of skills you can see, and include multiple search options when you are looking for a specific skill. The most awesome and time saving feature of the particular add-on however is in the feature that helps you craft faster than you have ever crafted before. This add-on will identify the various components need to make an item. If you are able to make that items and have the resources to do so then the add-on will create the components and then use the components to make the item you want. Blacksmithers and Engineers benefit from this to most! If you want an item and your bags are full of all the mats you need just hit create and the add-on will do the rest.

As you can see using this Ménage à trios of awesome add-ons will save you time in game and that is the best thing that you can ask from an add-on. Good luck, good hunting and Loktar’Ogar




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