About BigpandaHugz

Author: Bigpandahugz

Server: Stormscale-US

Race/Class: Night Elf  Priest, Human Death Knight, Draenei Paladin

About the Author:  I am a Student attending my local community college where I am a culinary arts major. I live in Massachusetts,  I’ve loved this game since even before I played it between the lore and the different ways to play it seems to always have something new to do. I also like long walks on the beach and a nice wine at the end of every meal……….. oh wait um…….. mistell.

World of Warcraft Experience: I’ve played WoW since a month before “The Burning Crusade” expansion and was on and off till about half way through the  “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion then I just got hooked. I didn’t have a max level character till about the ¾  mark in the expansion in which I got my first taste of raiding which is was just got me sunken into the beast we all call WoW.  Now a lot of people when they hear someone plays WoW questions that come up are usually what server, what faction/race, and class come up but one that you don’t already have the answer to is PvP or PvE? Now I will give you the most simple answer possible, it is both. Now I know I’m playing with bad magic by doing this or might be crucified or even worst… no more nap time!!! But I do enjoy both aspects of the game very much. Now the one job that I’ve given my self in either environment whether it be a raid or battleground. I stand in the fire but I do this so you don’t have to!!!

Blog: Now if you made it this far into this article without ripping your hair out due to bad grammar then my hats off to you. English if you couldn’t tell is my WORST subject. Now some people say to me “then why right on a blog?” and to answer that it’s because I’m very attached to WoW and the people I’ve made connections with in-game. Now some of you might agree with me on this but some wont, if it wasn’t the people I play with and the friends I made I wouldn’t be playing this game right now. As much as I love the lore and characters and game play  these things are not what keeps making me log in it’s the people I play  with.  It’s the people who get bummed when I can’t make a raid or when they can’t make I get bummed it’s the people when they say they need help with something you’ll drop whatever  you’re doing to help them. If it wasn’t for these people WoW would just be to me a waste of time.

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