About Eldoric – The Guardian Tank

Author – Eldoric

Server – Gorefiend

Race/Class – Night Elf/Druid, Worgen/Warrior, Dwarf/Paladin, Human/Death Knight

About The Author – I graduated from The United State’s Military Academy in 2005 and served for five years as an active duty officer in the United States’ Army.  I completed my Mastery’s Degree in 2009 from the University of Texas El Paso.  I am married (to the most beautiful woman in the world) and have two children: a daughter and a son.  I am currently a Stay-At-Home Father supporting my wife’s career (she is also an officer in the Army) until the children are of school age.

World Of Warcraft Experience – I have been playing World of Warcraft since the original release of the game.  My first character was a Warlock on the Spinbraker server, but quickly moved over to Gorefiend to play with college friends.  Alahana, the friend who introduced me to WoW, said we need tanks and asked me to roll a Warrior.  I decided to go with Druid since at that time the description of the class stated they could be tanks.  Shortly after getting to level 30, Blizzard made the game design to reflect only Warriors being tanks.  I finished Vanilla WoW as a Restro/Feral raid healer.  With the coming of the Burning Crusade expansion, druids were finally made into a viable tanking class (although regulated to being only an off-tank).  I begun doing what I always wanted to do in-game: Tank.  I was a raid tank through BC and Wrath of the Lich King, downing the Lich King with only the 10% raid buff.  During Wrath, I decided to level each of the tanking classes to get better understanding of all the varies methods.

Podcasting – I started listen to podcast with Buzz Out Load, a technology show.  From there I moved onto The Instance hosted by Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan.  After many months of enjoying their show, I decided to send in an audio question into the Town Crier Segment.  After that, I noticed that they had no end of show segment that focused on tanking.  After a little work, I begun to send in weekly segments to The Instance on tanking and have been doing that ever since.  I soon noticed that I received a lot of emails concerning my segment and tanking.  I noticed a demand for tanking focused content and decide to start the podcast called The Guardian Tank, which is posted weekly.

Blog – I begun blogging off of my website http://www.theguardiantank.com as away to express opinions that I could not fully develop on the show.  I let it lapse for a few months until TWSS spoke to me about his blog. I decide to not only revive The Guardian Tank Blog but started submitting articles to OverRaided.

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