About Gentonord – The Lore Master

Author – “Loremaster” Gentonord

Server – Misha/Spinebreaker

Race/Class – Human/Warrior, Tauren/Warrior, Draenei/Death Knight, Dwarf/Warrior, Worgen/Mage, Troll/Warrior

About The Author – I graduated from Arkadelphia High School in May of 2011 and will be attending the University of Arkansas in the Fall.  I will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and am contemplating a master’s degree.  I am currently employed by the Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation Department.

World Of Warcraft Experience – I have been playing World of Warcraft since June 23, 2007, so roughly six months into The Burning Crusade is when I got my start.  My first character was Gentonord, my premier Warrior. I played off and on through The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King until Patch 3.1, where I seriously got into the game. Around Patch 3.2, I got into Tanking. I’ve always been a completest when it comes to games, so I’ve done over 7,000 quests, attained over 8,000 achievement points, and am continuing to up those numbers to this day. 

Podcasting – I started listen to podcasts with The WoW Insider Show.  From there I added to my listens The Guardian Tank Podcast hosted by Eldoric “The Guardian Tank”.  After many months of enjoying his show, I decided to enter into his Audio Segway Contest for the World Of Warcraft Wireless Sound Blaster Headphones.  I won.  I got to come on the show for an episode and then was featured on an episode of Tanking Mastery.  When Eld had announced he was looking into expanding Happy Nerd Media to have a lore show, I quickly showed interest.  Eventually, the idea formed into Lore Stories, the place for lore tidbits tales and more, which is posted weekly. I also listen to Diplomacycast, a podcast about the board game Diplomacy.

Blog – Before this, I have never blogged before, so you’ll have to forgive my mistakes I might make. After hearing about TWSS’s blog and his looking for additional posters, I noticed its lack of lore content, so I offered my services.  So, here I am!

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