About OldScratch – NerdFire Productions

Author – Oldscratch

Server – Area 52

Race/Class – Troll/Shaman

About The Author – There are a number of things in my life that really light the fire of excitement. My family, paintball and the World of Warcraft. I live in San Diego and have been playing Warcraft for the last 6 years. While I was a pretty hardcore raider in the earlier expansions a wife and children later I am still finding great ways of experiencing and loving this game even if I can’t spend endless numbers of hours or nights in Azeroth each week.

World Of Warcraft Experience – Lok’tar Ogar!!!!!! From first rolling a toon in Vanilla until know I have been a member of the Horde. It all started with my first character Oldscratch: Shaman (Ele & Resto) and has progressed to my four max level toons; Oldscratch, Phdpepper: Paladin (Prot & Ret), Divinewrath: Druid (Feral/Tank & Balance) and Zubenshamali: Hunter (BM & Survival). I have lead guilds, lead raids and try to experience every part of the game. Currently I am a casual raider, Arena gladiator and instance tanker.

Podcasting – I am one of the hosts of both of the Nerdfire Production podcasts POW W.O.W. and the Nerdfire Podcast. POW W.O.W. is a general podcast about the World of Warcraft news, updates random information and our three distinct segments Under the Microscope, 120 Unleashed and This is why we suck. I love listening to many other podcasts particularly Warcraft Less Traveled, The Hunting Party & The Guardian Tank. Download episodes on itunes or direct from our website nerdfireproductions.com

Blog – I am hoping that my column “Min/Max Time” will help those who read it with making the most out of their Warcraft time each week and focus in on how to get things done efficiently. In addition to Overraided I update the Nerdfire Productions blog with my random thoughts and updates about what is happening with the podcasts. What I hope to be a part of with Overraided is go into more detail about specific experiences or advice for Warcrafters such as myself that don’t fit in my podcast.

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