About RuneHako


Author – RuneHako

Server – Durotan

Race/Class – Dwarf/Hunter

About The Author – Conceived in Mexico and birthed in Puerto Rico, I was born to be stuck in a minimum wage job from Day 1! But, NAY I said! I would not let the stars decide my fate without me having some say in it! So, after years and years of fighting against my destiny, I now work part-time in a bookstore for a wage “greater than” the bare minimum! Take that destiny! Now, for the less interesting part. I reside in Miami, FL and currently attend DeVry University for a degree in Technical Management and am planning on reentering for a second Bachelor’s in Game and Simulation Programming! I am single and live with the folks (watch out ladies)! Some of my hobbies include gaming (currently: WoW, Super Smash Bros Brawl, MK9), pretending to play the bass and independent wrestling (currently on hiatus until I graduate).

World Of Warcraft Experience – I first picked this game up about two months prior to Burning Crusade’s release. Since then I have rolled and leveled a Dwarf/Hunter, Human/Prot Paladin, Night Elf/Resto Druid, and a Blood Elf/Rogue (now a Worgen). All are currently level 85. My current main is Lanval (Prot Paladin) which whom I raid with and “run” a guild with. The Hunter is my PVP toon, which I use to release stress with by “Pew-Pewing” Hordies. The hunter was my first character in the game and I can still say is probably my favorite. I consider myself to be a casual player but when it is raid time we put progression as our priority. Limited Access (guild I am currently the proud leader of) is at 10/12 prior 4.2 patch. We may not be the best out there but we sure are persistent! And may I say, I love every person in that guild. I consider them all my brothers and sisters from different mothers and misters!

Podcasting – I have never partaken in a Podcast but I do indeed listen to them! The ones I listen to the most are as follows in no particular order: The Instance, Outlandish, Blue Plz! and of course, The Guardian Tank! I also listen to SmodCast but that is not WoW related!

Blog – As with Podcasting, I have never Blogged before. This is my first blog I have ever written but it feels natural to me because I just like to write and try to entertain folks with random nonsense. I got into this blog after I listened to The Guardian Tank one day and at the end of the show, TWSS had mentioned that they were looking for people to write for the blog! So, I figured why not? I’ve been playing this game long enough I’m sure I have something to say that might be useful! Plus, this gives me a chance to share my useless thoughts to the rest of the world! It’s like working for MTV but without having to dress like Carson Daily! Winning!!!

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