About Secondmile

Author – Ahanu (Secondmile)

Server – Kargath

Race/Class – Tauren Restoration Shaman

About The Author – I am a full time Youth Pastor and Media Specialist at Renovation Church in Beavercreek, OH. I have been in ministry for almost 6 years now and attend both Liberty University and my local community college. I am a Biblical Studies major for my bachelor’s and am also picking up a Visual Communications associates. I also am an area representative for a sports ministry in the Dayton area with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). I am a pretty big mix of everything, from sports and lifting to nerdery and geekery. I play bass guitar as my first love in music as well as every low brass instrument. I love media in all shapes and sizes but my forte in digital media would be making some movie magic!

World of Warcraft Experience – My life as a gamer is varied and extensive and spans the entirety of my life. I do it all from sixteen hour diplomacy games to Magic: The Gathering all the way to Xbox 360 and PC MMO’s. My MMO life began in 2003 with Everquest but my terrible computer put a quick end to that. It was not until about 3 months before Burning Crusade came out that I gave WoW a shot. My younger brother had been playing for a few months and I decided to roll my first Tauren, a hunter. I named the beastly fellow Manawa and gave him gentle eyes. This was my first real foray into an MMO and I slowly gained levels (It was hard then!) and acclimated myself to what this game was about. Manawa was my only max level toon and really the only one I ever played for all of BC, WotLK, and the beginning of Cataclysm. Once we were trying to form a raid team in Cata I decided to switch to healing and leveled my Shaman, Ahanu. He has been my heart and soul in this expansion and I haven’t looked back. I mostly raid now, with some PvP. All my toons have Samoan sounding names, not sure how I did that. I have a max level Hunter, Shaman, and Prot Warrior. I only play Tauren, and so should you.

Podcasting – My only real experience in podcasting is the one that I maintain for my church with both myself and our lead pastor as the hosts of that. I have listened to tech and WoW podcasts for a long time though, The Instance being my first like most, and gradually picking up others. I’ve listened to The Guardian Tank since day one and am a huge fan of what Dan Keating does with Happy Nerd Media.

Blog – This will be my first foray into blogging. I’m going against my better judgment in my format by somewhat limiting myself in topics of discussion, however. I hope to write two columns, one on healing and one on leveling. I hope that you enjoy my thoughts and contribute your own. Thanks to TWSS for giving me this opportunity, I look forward to expanding this community in my own little way.

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