About Tadpol


Author – Tadpol

Server – Burning Legion (Horde); Gorefiend (Alliance)

Race/Class – Undead/Warlock, Blood Elf/Priest, Tauren/Druid, Orc/Death Knight, Human/Paladin, Worgen/Hunter

About The Author – Originally from northeast Ohio, I graduated from Ohio University in 2006.  I then packed up my life and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with my neurotic dog, Vladimir.  I then taught high school science and served as the site IT administrator for five years.  In that time, I got my master’s degree in Instructional Technology and got a new job working as an Instructional Technology specialist for a local college.  I’m a glutton for punishment, so I still root for the home Cleveland sports teams, especially the Browns (at least we won the Madden 12 cover).  Other than that, I would be remiss (and would probably be subject to a severe beating) if I didn’t mention my wonderful girlfriend of two years, who has been so kind as to put up with my raiding and obsessive movie watching.

World Of Warcraft Experience – I got my first injection of Warcraft partway through Burning Crusade, moving to this game from Guild Wars and Diablo II.  My first character was a Warlock on the Burning Legion, and my only max level character until just before the release of Wrath, when I hit 70 and started my first alt, the priest.  During WotLK, my brother and I started a 10 man raiding guild, and had quite a bit of success through Naxx/Ulduar/ToC, but the guild disbanded partway through clearing ICC due to real life changes for most of the raiding core, including myself (RIP Shadows of Darkness).  Throughout Wrath, I also started leveling my alts, but only raided with the warlock and my priest when a healer was needed (every week).  Besides just alts, I am an achievement junkie on the warlock, and would be happy if I could just get the flippin’ rare catch achievement so I can finally be a Salty Tadpol.  Just recently, I have started characters on Gorefiend alliance side with my brother, and joined the Interior Guard.

 Podcasting – Back in January, I started creating short tutorial videos for college faculty on various technology tools out there on the interwebs.  This endeavor eventually led me to learn video editing and post-production editing basics and turn these videos into a weekly podcast on iTunes ( under my website’s name of Ironic Boom).  I hope to eventually create a more leisure/recreation podcast, or be a part of one, but I guess that would involve having an idea to podcast about.  I’m also an avid consumer of podcasts, listening to a variety of shows from ESPN, NPR, IGN, the Nerdist, and of course World of Warcraft (Instance, Guardian Tank, and Raid Warning).

Blog – Along with the podcast, I decided to get my own webspace and host the videos in blog format there.  I don’t have much in terms of content other than the podcast itself, so being an author on OverRaided will be my first adventure into being a true, and hopefully consistent, blogger.

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