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Stable Talk: WarCraft L’amour

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Looks like Raph! Yeah, a little too Raph.

What is an unstoppable force’s weakness? Is turning the tables overrated!? Is WoW actually a dating service in disguise!?! Cats dual wield brass knuckles!!? Who loves orange soda?! Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do yah?? All this and more in this blogisode of Stable Talk! Read more…


Min/Max Time: How Archeology can help with Queue times

There are many Warcraft players out in the community that cannot be at their computer for endless amounts of hours. Some of us can only be in Azeroth for a couple hours each day or for specific blocks of time throughout each week. I am a family man with two kids and a loving and beautiful wife. Needless to say I have a limited amount of time to spend in the game. So we are here to answer the great question “How can I get the most out of the precious time I have in game?”

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Less QQ, More CC: The DOs and DON’Ts of Pugging

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

As I sit in Orgrimmar waiting for my LFG random heroic queue to pop, I toil over the decision of whether or not I should go re-spec back into my tanking set so that I do not have to wait a day and a half to get into a random heroic. After running all of my dailies and making countless laps around Orgrimmar on my sweet Goblin trike, my queue finally goes. I laugh at the fact that there is a DPS who did not accept his role into the random, I can only imagine the nerd rage that goes on when they come back to their computer after their bio break only to find that they waited forever to simply miss the chance to wipe for hours in Grim Batol.

After finally zoning into the heroic, I stand there with 4 complete strangers, and not a word is spoken. Buffs are handed out, the healer drinks, and the tank moves up into range of the first mob standing in our way. After a couple of seconds standing around, the Warrior Tank charges in without warning. Read more…